Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A!07 "Paramnesia" Pet Coffins/Chris Dutrieux

Phil (Pet Coffins) and I met at a house show I played and we immediately knew we were kindred spirits. We were both obsessed with tapes and noise, so of course we were gonna talk about doing a split. Now, 9 years later, we finally got around to putting our tape together. Since it has taken damn near a decade, we both chose some older stuff to put on here. Or its all we had laying around at the moment. The j-card cover is a small part of a bigger piece I've been working on for almost as long as I've know Phil, and each of our respective sides is etched with our respective insignias. We then wrapped each tape with a thick brown paper and sealed it with "sealable candle wax" and stamp that Phil apparently "found" one day. We're both incredibly happy to announce that Paramnesia is ready for the world. Only 18 copies were made, as that's the amount of blank tapes with the same length that I had laying around. Phil and I each took a few for ourselves, so there's very few left. We hope you enjoy. Drugs may enhance the listening process.

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