Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A!04 Winter Doldrums very last copy

Winter Doldrums (A!04) was an "exercise in activity" in the very early spring of 2010, the release of my boredom after a very dull winter. It became one of the last rays of light before two very dark years began. Two c12 tapes with dreamy soundscapes recorded straight to boom box from my 20 watt amplifier. The j-cards, put together and written by hand like all Amazified! releases (until A!07), feature small bits of bigger pieces of "artwork" of mine. You even get and embarrassing early version of my sigil in the top corner of the first tape. This is the very LAST copy for sale. Long ago I learned the lesson of not keeping at least one copy of a release for my own personal archive, so when this is gone this is gone. You may order it here or download it here.

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